Amber Lynn

You all may know Amber already but if you don't, get to know her.  She is a 4th generation cosmetologist and her passion is lash extensions and brows.  In fact, Amber is working on an upscale brow line which will be released soon so be on the lookout for it. 

Amber and I have worked closely together to build a Facebook community called Master Eyelash Artists.  It's a community designed to be a positive and supportive group that provides education and styling tips.  If you're not in the group already, feel free to join.

I've been working on Amber's lashes since April of 2017.  Her natural lashes are long and straight.  If she wears mascara, you'd think she's wearing eyelash extensions.  

Because her natural lashes are so long, many artists would apply a longer extensions.. Not me.  I tend to be more of a natural stylist so instead, the longest lash I've ever used on her is 13mm's however I have used various curls on her.  


In this photo, I used the same styling, only a softer, B curl.  As you notice, it's a little softer from the side and front view but equally looks as full as it does when using a more curly lash.

Check out this style guide below and drop a note in the comments letting me know what you think!


Since I've done Amber's lashes so many times, I'll share different photos so you are able to see the differences in how you can style the same eye in so many different ways.

In general, I always stick to a natural styling where her lash extensions are longer in the center and tapers down to shorter lengths on each corner.

In the top 3 photos, I used a C curl lashes which is more like a D curl in .10mm.  I applied 2-3D to all lashes to make them look full and fluffy.





B Curl Lashes in .10 2-3D

C Curl Lashes in .10 2-3D

Click on the images to see an expanded view


Premium Mink Lashes, B Curl, C Curl .10 diameter, 8-13mm lengths 2-3D


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