Belle Sophie

I met Belle Sophie from a Facebook group I'm a part of for local photographers, videographers and models.  I put out an ad searching for 5 models and when this beauty from Tanzania responded, it was an immediate yes for me.


Belle has almond shaped eyes that are lovely and bright so I knew straight away that I didn't want to apply an extension that was too curly.  Had I applied a more curly lash, it would have taken away from her natural appearance and made her eyes look artificially big.

Instead, I opted to use shorter lashes on her and applied a volume set in 2-4D.  By using shorter lashes, I was able to create fuller, more dense lashes that also look natural.  Also, by using shorter lashes on the outer corners, I was able to compliment the natural shape of her eye.  Had I applied longer lashes through the outside corner, it would have made her eyes look droopy and heavy on the outside corner.  I wanted to keep her looking young and fresh.

I'll admit, a part of me chose to use shorter lashes to show that you can still create a beautiful set of lash extensions without using thick, long lashes.  In fact, I find that shorter lashes give you that true volume look while longer lashes create a more wispy effect.

Here's her photo prior to applying lash extensions.


As you can see, her lashes natural lashes are fine, straight and not very full.  She has a lot more natural lashes on the outer corner but not so much on the inside corner. 

I find that's pretty common for most clients so I have to be super careful with my isolation to make sure I apply to every healthy natural lash to make the lashes look full from corner to corner.  

Check out this style guide below and drop a note in the comments letting me know what you think!



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Premium Mink Lashes, B Curl, .07 diameter, 7-11mm lengths 2-4D


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