Dela Antoinette's New Location Opens October 2nd!

I cannot believe this month has flown by so fast!  Between working with my beautiful Clients and getting my private suite ready, I've been one busy woman.  But I'm happy to say the new space is set up so I can start seeing everyone there starting October 2nd.  In fact, the whole week is practically booked.  So in case you didn't get my newsletter with instructions on how to navigate the new building, here's a quick video showing you what to expect and the best way to get to my suite.

Although in the video I show you how to get to my suite and press my little doorbell. please feel free to go straight to the waiting room and I'll come and get you once it's time for your appointment.  If you arrive early however, come press the button to let me know you're there.  If I'm able to see you sooner, I'll come grab you from the waiting room.

I am looking forward to sharing the new space with you and excited about being able to provide you with an exclusive, private experience.  

High Humidity & Eyelash Extensions


This summer our days have been hot and unusually humid.  There are a few tips I'd like to share with you to help make your lashes last as long as possible.

The first thing you may notice is that your lashes are shedding faster than they usually do. Let me assure you, this is totally normal and there's no need to panic.  There are three common reasons I see shedding happening faster than usual when we're in the hotter months and it's humid.  

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Which Set Of Eyelash Extensions Should I Get?

Unlike some other places, I offer 3 different sets of lash extensions.  The Everyday Set, Posh Volume and Luxe Volume.  All 3 sets are designed to accommodate all kinds of Clients based on your needs however below I explain the differences between the 3 options.  


With this set, I apply one eyelash extensions to each one of your natural eyelashes.  Some places would refer to this as a classic set and put on a set number of lashes.  I've found that when you limit the number of lashes you use, the set can look really different in fullness from one Client to the next.  Because of this, I apply an extension to every lash that can healthily support an eyelash extension so your lashes look full and natural.  The end result is a set of lashes that looks like you have a great set of natural lashes.  Here are a few examples of the Everyday Set.


Posh Volume is an advanced technique where 2-3 lash extensions are fanned out in the shape of a W and placed onto each one of your natural lashes.  The lashes used for Posh Volume are significantly thinner than the lashes I use for the Everyday Set which is why I can use more than one without damaging your natural lashes.  Posh Volume can be designed to look dramatic, soft and fluffy or very natural depending on your preference.  Here are a few examples:


Luxe Volume lashes are designed to resemble strip lashes.  They aren't meant to look natural at all.  With a Luxe Volume set, I apply anywhere from 3-6 lash extensions onto each one of your natural lashes that can support it.  Just like the Posh Volume set, I use micro thin lashes that are much thinner in diameter than what I would for an Everyday Set.  In fact, I may even use a thinner lash than I would a Posh Volume set depending on what your lash will support.   The lashes are fanned and then placed onto your natural lash.  Once you get this set, it will look like you're wearing a pair of strip lashes only they will appear to be growing right out of your eyelid rather than resting on your skin.  Here's a few examples:

Let's say it's your first time getting lash extensions and you're more of a natural woman.  I would definitely recommend you go with an Everyday Set.  The reason for this is because if you went with one of the volume sets, there's a great chance you won't be happy with them.  It takes your eye a while to adjust to seeing yourself with eyelash extensions so it's better to start small to give yourself time to get used to wearing them and seeing yourself with them on.  

If you're a woman that wears strip lashes then by all means, go for the Posh or Luxe Volume set.  You're someone who's used to seeing yourself with big lashes so it won't be a shock to your eye getting fuller lash extensions.  Keep in mind however that strip lashes and lash curlers may have caused breakage to your natural lashes.  If that is the case, your first set may not be as full as it could be until your natural lashes are in a healthier place.



How to Clean Your Eyelashes

Happy New Year everyone!  

This week's blog is a quick video that I'd like to share from a fellow Lash Artist.  I'm always preaching on keeping your lashes clean in order to help them last as long as possible however here's a video which shows exactly how to clean your lashes at home.  

For best results, use Excellent Foaming Eyelash Cleanser daily.  Its also great to clean your lashes before your appointment.  That way, I'm spending more time applying lashes and making your lashes full and fluffy in the time we have versus spending more time cleaning.