Dela Antoinette's New Location Opens October 2nd!

I cannot believe this month has flown by so fast!  Between working with my beautiful Clients and getting my private suite ready, I've been one busy woman.  But I'm happy to say the new space is set up so I can start seeing everyone there starting October 2nd.  In fact, the whole week is practically booked.  So in case you didn't get my newsletter with instructions on how to navigate the new building, here's a quick video showing you what to expect and the best way to get to my suite.

Although in the video I show you how to get to my suite and press my little doorbell. please feel free to go straight to the waiting room and I'll come and get you once it's time for your appointment.  If you arrive early however, come press the button to let me know you're there.  If I'm able to see you sooner, I'll come grab you from the waiting room.

I am looking forward to sharing the new space with you and excited about being able to provide you with an exclusive, private experience.