Google Voice Set Up Guide

Google Voice is a must for the solo lash artist to separate your business and personal line.  Here's a guide on how to obtain a Google Voice phone number for free and set it up.

First, go to Google Voice from a laptop or desktop computer. I suggest this over getting started from a cell phone because you'll have full access to settings.  Unfortunately, this is not an option from the mobile app just yet.

Next, click the "Get Google Voice" icon and select "Web" from the dropdown menu. (see green arrows)

You'll then have the choice to sign in using a Google account if you have one already or you can create a new Google account if you prefer.  Simply click "create account" to get started with a new account.

If you create a new account, it is not necessary to have a Google account to use Google Voice.  If you have an email address that's not associated with Google, after entering your name, click "create account" and follow the instructions.

Once you complete this page, Google will give you the option to select a phone number.  You can search by city or area code for a number. Google Voice doesn't offer 1-800 numbers at this time.  If there aren't any numbers available in the area you want, try somewhere nearby.  Once you've selected your phone number, Google will direct you to your dashboard where you can see call history, texts and voicemails.  To set up your business hours, click the 3 dots on the left side of the screen.

Once you click on these dots, it will open menu options.  From here, you'll click "Legacy Google Voice."  This will open the older version of the dashboard which gives you more options in the settings menu.

Once you've landed on Legacy Google Voice, click the icon in the upper right hand corner that looks like a gear. This is your settings menu.

From the phones tab, below the number you've included to have your calls and texts forwarded to, there's an edit button.  Click "edit."

Under "Ring Schedule," select "use custom schedule" and enter the hours that you DON'T want your phone to ring  (outside of your business hours) and click "save."  Repeat for your weekend schedule.

Next, you can download the app to your phone and follow the prompts to have calls forwarded.  Once this step is complete, you are finished.

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