Jaymes Anthony

Where do I start?  First let me just say, I just love Jaymes.  He can do no wrong.  His style is amazing, his personality is just incredible and I just love, love, love him.  Jaymes is a model based out of the Bay Area and prepare to see more of him soon.  

I met Jaymes on Facebook.  I put up an ad for models in a local group and he responded.  I was super excited as soon as I saw his photo because for one, it's rare that men respond to an ad for lash extensions and 2, his beard is amazing!

The first time I ever had my work featured on television was on a male client with a full beard.  So I had the experience of working with men under my belt but it's not a common thing to work on a man.

Jaymes has thick and healthy natural lashes.  Because of that, I could have easily applied a thick and lush volume set for the sake of getting amazing photos.  But considering his modeling career and lifestyle, I chose to stick

with a classic, Everyday Set where I applied one extension onto each natural eyelash.  And since he has naturally full lashes, it came out looking like a soft, volume set.

Another thing I had to keep in mind... 

Jaymes has SUPER curly eyelashes.  They criss cross and when you're looking at them from the top, they look wild and intimidating.  When working with lashes like this, I ONLY apply the extension to the base of the natural eyelash so I can direct the extension where I want it. If I adhered to more than the base of the natural eyelash, it would force the extensions into the same direction as the natural lashes.  Most times that's ok but not if you're working with curly lashes that aren't growing in the same direction.

Here's another shot of Jaymes' lashes from the top.

Thick, healthy and very wild.  

I used to be scared of these kind of lashes but now, I can style lashes like these as quickly as I can for my clients with straight lashes.  It's just a matter of practicing enough until you get more comfortable.

Since Jaymes' lashes are naturally curly and he has a strong brow bone, I used a curly D curl lash on him.  Using a curly lash like this allows you to see them from the front which gave his eyes a lift.


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Premium Mink Lashes, C Curl, ..12 diameter, 7-12mm lengths 1:1 applicaion


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