Eccelent Odor Neutralizer

Eccelent Odor Neutralizer


This glue odor neutralizer helps to neutralize harmful odors that are harmful to you and your Clients. It helps by absorbing toxic chemicals in the air. This product is a wonderful product if you have Clients that are sensitive to fumes.

Product Features:

- Glue Odor Neutralizer absorbs harmful substances like formaldehyde and other VOCs

- Protects lash technicians and customers from glue allergies by neutralizing harmful toxins chemicals in the air

- Especially designed for customers with sensitive eyes

- Highly recommended for technicians who use advance glue with strong/high fumes·

- Includes phytoncide which can sterilize your application tools      

- 2-3 sprays on a cotton pad and place next to your glue pallet

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