Pure Hydrogel Eyepatch (10 pairs)

Pure Hydrogel Eyepatch (10 pairs)


Pure Hydrogel Eye Pads are designed specially for eyelash extension application.   They include two adjustable cuts on each eye pad which allows them to comfortably fit most eye shapes/sizes.

Thin in texture, they contain a small amount of lightly scented gel which secures them to the under eye area without shifting during application.

Pure Hydrogel Eye Pads have a matte finish so you don’t experience glare from light during application. They also include a pale blue tint so you can easily see blonde lashes.

Hydrogel Eye Pads are formulated with Vitamin A&E & anti-oxidant to protect the delicate under eye skin layer from damages caused by free radicals.

Hydrogel is intensified moisture that will deliver straight into the skin for a youthful appearance. 

10 pairs are included in a small sealable pouch.  

PRO TIP: Be sure to keep new pads in sealed container  to ensure they don't dry out.



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