Speed Up Solution

Speed Up Solution


Speed Up Solution is for lash artists that have low temperature and/or humidity within their work space (below 68 degrees Fahrenheit and 40% humidity) to speed up the drying time of their adhesive.  Although designed for use with Dela Antoinette’s adhesives, Speed Up Solution is compatible with most professional strength eyelash adhesives on the market that are cyanoacrylate based.  

Speed Up Solution creates a coating on the outside of the lash which allows the extension to bond quickly.  With Speed Up Solution, you can place handmade volume fans quickly without needing to hold them open for several seconds onto the natural lash.  Speed Up Solution can also be used for classic, everyday application to help you work quickly and complete your lash sets faster. 

Speed Up Solution is available in 3 refreshing scents and speeds.  Strawberry = normal speed, Rose = fast speed and mint = super-fast speed.  The dry speed you choose is based on how quickly you work.  For instance, if you’re a beginner and unsure, it’s recommended you start with Strawberry and work your way up to a faster speed.  But if you’re advanced and work quickly, Rose or Mint is ideal. 

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Technical Specifications: 

  • Speeds up drying time of most adhesives on the market 

  • Available in 3 refreshing scents  

  • 3 speeds available for lash artists at various skill levels 

How to Use It: 

  1. Squeeze a small drop of Speed Up Solution onto a micro swab 

  2. Paint Speed Up Solution across the bottom of your lash strip and allow it to dry 

  3. You can begin lash application once Speed Up Solution dries 

More Details: 

  • Speed Up Solution should be stored in a cool, dark and dry area such as a closed drawer.  Do not refrigerate. 

  • Speed Up Solution has a shelf life of up to 6 months opened and unopened. 


For professional use only 

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