Curved L Shaped Volume Tweezers - Satin Finish

Curved L Shaped Volume Tweezers - Satin Finish


Volume Tweezers are the last tweezers you’ll ever need for volume lashing whether you’re applying Russian Volume, American Volume or Mega Volume.  They’re made from surgical stainless steel and have a smooth, polished finish.   

Volume Tweezers are designed to require minimal tension to reduce hand, finger and wrist fatigue while working. With precision tips, you can easily pick up and fan 1-10 lashes as thin as .03 with ease.   

All tweezers are tested prior to being shipped to ensure quality.  Testing includes fanning volume lashes, picking up single, classic lashes and testing resistance.  

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Technical Specifications: 

  • Designed for Russian, American and Mega Volume 

  • Can be used for classic lashing 

  • Made from surgical stainless steel 

  • Minimal tension required to reduce hand, finger and wrist fatigue 

Additional Information: 

  • Every pair is hand tested for quality 

  • Smooth, polished finish