"It's now been about 7 months that I have been getting my eyelashes done but Dela. They look as fabulous as the first day I got them. I LOVE my light, fluffy lashes.  My own lashes are healthy and  growing strong, thanks to Dela's technique. She takes her time with applying each lash so they don't stick and impede the growth of your own lashes. Amazing work, wouldn't trust anyone else!"

Marie A. 



"Amazing. Love her for doing such a great job. She is professional and friendly. She will come to my place which is so convenient for me because of my hectic schedule. The best of all, I am always looking forward to meet her because during the time she is doing my lashes we always have something to talk about. I got so many compliments from my friends and even from people I do not know."

Tatiana T.



"Dela does the most amazing job with my eyelashes. I have been with her for couple of months and I wouldn't go to anyone else. She comes always on time with a big smile and good energy. I am telling everyone who does my eyelashes. People are amazed how natural and gorgeous they look!  Dela's work deserves more then 5 stars! Thank you for keeping me looking gorgeous every month."

Lucie N.



"I highly recommend Dela! She did a fantastic job on my eyelashes, and I love that she comes to my home. So convenient! I was hesitant to try eyelash extensions because of the expense, and also because I wanted my lashes to look full, but natural. She gave me exactly the look that I wanted. I have gotten compliments on my lashes from total strangers! So happy that I took the plunge! Thank you Dela!"

Rebecca B.



"Ok I have naturally curly decent amount of lashes. I've been to other eyelash places but DELA is a true artist! When my lashes are done they look fuller, better, and I get the dramatic look I want. It doesn't look like I just threw on some magic mascara. It doesn't look like I went to one of those cheap places where you can see glue chunks on the base of my lashes. No cluster lashes or strips. Individual lash by lash. Money well spent. DELA is so worth it. I wouldn't trust anyone else with my lashes."

Coco J.



"Dela is a cosmetology genius! She really knows her stuff and is extremely experienced and knowledgeable.  I had my eyelashes done and I felt truly glamorous. They looked great everyday and I did little to nothing to keep them looking beautiful. She is super accommodating and I always trust her expertise. I will continuously go back to Dela for my eyelash and hair needs! xo"

Moriah B.



"Dela did an amazing job on my lashes!!!! I really wanted long full lashes so that I didn't need eye makeup especially since I was going to be in the hospital and wouldn't be able to do my makeup. She made them look so beautiful I could cry!  Love, love, love and will continue the upkeep for as long as possible! She's the best, plain and simple."

Amy M.



"Dela was prompt and professional.  She arrived slightly early and quickly set up her table and equipment.  She carefully removed the remaining extension I had from the earlier installation.  She then properly selected lashes that provided me with the "mascara " look that I was seeking.  I ended up with thicker lashes that were about the same length as my own, which was exactly what I wanted... I would highly recommend Dela's services to anyone interested in lash extensions and am happy to offer my compliments for a job well done."

Monika H.



"Dela has been doing my lashes since August 2015. She has done the most beautiful lashes for me ! I recently just upgraded to 3 D and it has changed my whole face. No more "hooded eyes." A facial surgeon is not needed, years off my looks ! She is sensitive and a perfectionest in the greatest way. Her work is Genious!"

Chante P.



"I've been going to Dela for eyelash extensions for over a year.  She is always prepared and professional.  She's quick, but never seems to rush.  She's very sweet and always accommodates my schedule.  I trust her opinion on length and fullness and my lashes always look great and natural."

Rosa D.





"WOW...in a word....WOW!!!  This girl is amazing!  And talented...AND detailed!  This girl cares about her work!!!"

Sharon J.




"Dela is extremely professional and precise. I just had my eyelashes done and they look very natural.  We went for a fuller look and I am so pleased. She is very accommodating and knowledgeable about her product and will recommend what style would be fitting and complimentary. Thank you!!"

Victoria M.




"Excellent, very nice, understanding, professional and very good. I have received a few sew-in's from her (in which she is my permanent sew-in stylist). Best part, she'll come to where you are. The price you can't beat it. Please go to her for sew-in's and eyelash extensions!"

Simone M.



"I visited Dela right before I had a big performance with a new band that I was singing with that included Sheila E.'s cousin as the band's drummer.  BOY was I nervous and I had no idea how I should look.  She took real good care of me.  Not only did she make my lashes pop, she even did my make up, showed me how to apply it, gave me advise and added in some awesome hair pieces to give me a full effect... I highly recommend her.  Girl really knows what she's doing!!  :)  Thank you!!!!"

Sheena D.


I had my eyelashes done by Dela a few weeks ago and she is very professional and very knowledgeable about her products and after care.  I love the style she did on me, makes look glamorous everyday! I told her she is my new besties...lol its been 3 weeks and my lashes still look great! Cant wait to see her tomorrow!;) if you live Novato I strongly recommend her, she's the best!!!!"

Sharne M.



"I have had my eyelashes done by a few other people over the years. Dela is by far the most professional & detail oriented! She is very clean, neat & organized. I love her promptness & able to answer all of my questions with confidence & accuracy. My lashes have never looked better. They look very glamorous & last a long time. I highly recommend Dela Antoinette!!"

Cheryl U.



"Dela has been a lifesaver for me.  I found her here on Yelp and I thought it was fantastic that she travels throughout Marin County.  I sent an appointment request through her website and she called me within 30 minutes to book my appointment.  In that conversation, she walked me through what to expect from time, how long they will last and how it will feel even though I've had my lashes done before.  She also gave me tips on how to prepare for my lash appointment to get the best wear from my lashes... I am so happy that I found her!"

Mckenzie E.  


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