Do I Need A Hygrometer?

Two questions that are commonly asked is “what is a hygrometer?” and “do I need to use one?” So today,I’m going to do my best to explain what it is and how you’d use it in your business to get the best results.But first, I want to share my background in this area because I think it will help you to make a strong decision.

So many of you already know my background but for those of you that don’t, long story short, I started out over a decade ago as a lash artist and at that point,we’d barely scratched the surface of what was possible in this industry. So back then, there was a lot that wasn’t covered... Including hygrometers. In fact, I think the first time I ever heard the word hygrometer was a few years ago. I wish I would have learned of this sooner.

I’ve experienced many frustrating days where I would be working on a client and just when I thought the lash was securely in place, I’d brush and all of the lashes would slip off. Or I’d complete a set of lashes only to get the call within a day or two that all of the lashes were falling off. It felt like no matter what I tried, I couldn’t get consistent and predictable results each and every time. So I always felt defeated. And there were a few times where I just wanted to give up. But before I did, I learned more about hygrometers and once I started to use it, I began getting more predictable results.

So what is a hygrometer exactly?A hygrometer is a little device that you use to measure the humidity of the air within your work space. There’’s a wide variety of hygrometers on the market that show just humidity but there are others that measure the temperature, tell time and have a bunch of other fancy features.

So why does knowing the humidity level within your work space matter at any given time?

The reason why this is important to know is because the adhesives we use as lash artists are designed to perform best when used in a space that has a specified temperature and humidity level. Our adhesives require a certain amount of moisture in order to cure or dry.

So do you need a hygrometer? Absolutely.

Especially when you’re working with a new adhesive or if you’re in a work space where the temperature and humidity is up and down or inconsistent. From personal experience, if the humidity is higher than the optimal range on the bottle, my adhesive dries out fast. Sometimes faster than I can place the lash if I’m not moving fast enough which means I can’t get a seamless, strong bond with the natural lash. And if the humidity is too low, it takes a really long time for my adhesive to dry so when I go to brush the lashes, they all come off.

I didn’t know either of these things when I started out and for years I had no clue of how this worked. So to answer your question, yes you need a hygrometer. There are a one that I like and use personally

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