Top 5 Things a Lash Artist Should Have

I started out as a mobile artist, traveling to my clients homes.  When I made the decision to stop servicing select cities in my area for the sake of being more efficient with my business.  I wanted to help the clients that were affected by this change as much as possible so I did a little research to find local artists to hand them off to.  To my surprise, it wasn't easy to find a replacement.  The experience of searching for another artist is what led me to writing this week's article.  

There are a few things an artist must have in order to be as successful as possible in our industry.  Some that I mention in this week's article is for the sake of protecting yourself but others are general must haves in order to attract quality clients.


Having a website or online presence through social media or a blog site is a standard item you need these days. We're living in a digital world. Gone are the days where you have a bunch of business cards or flyers printed up and hit the streets handing them out to as many people as possible.  People find us through the internet now because it's convenient and easy.  When I first started out and didn't have any money to pay a web designer, I used Google's blogspot.  I put up pictures of my work, services I offered, pricing information and my contact info.  These days if you can't afford a web designer, there are many different services out there that you can use to design your own site.  Wix, Weebly and Squarespace are simple and reasonably priced options that are user friendly.  If you were serious, you could literally have a website up within a matter of hours that looks clean and professional.


I'll admit, when I started out back in the day this is not something I had.  It seemed easier to work under the table and keep all of my money. I've learned over the years that having a business license opened the door for a lot more perks that could have helped me save even more money than working under the table.  You get so many tax write offs by just having a simple business license.  Not only can you put more money towards your retirement than someone that's not self employed, but there's just a feeling of having your act together when you have a business license.  Mentally it solidifies that you're legitimate and I find that most people that get a business license take what they're doing more seriously after obtaining it.


This is something you need to protect you and your business as much as possible.  It doesn't have to be long and drawn out.  Just a simple form that explains what your client should expect during their service as well as the possible negatives that may be out of your hands such as allergic reactions is usually enough.  Make sure you have their signature and date because as much as we love everyone that comes through the door, that love may not be enough to stand up in court should someone sue you.  If you need help with drafting up this form, you can consult with an attorney who specializes in business forms and contracts for your state.


Along with a consent / waiver, insurance is must.  In the event something unexpected happens, having insurance coverage can help protect you from being sued personally.  Insurance companies have tons of experience dealing with claims and situations in our industry that may or may not be your fault.  It doesn't have to be overly complicated either.  I love Beauty Bodywork Insurance for those starting out because it's super reasonable in price, covers lash artists in most states and it has high coverage limits.  


Online booking is something I wish I would have gotten years sooner.  Before online booking, I was managing calls and text messages between clients and I hated it.  I'm one that prefers to focus on my craft and what I'm really good at.  So spending 10 minutes on a call with someone and trying to find a slot that worked best for them while they were looking through their calendar was an administrative task I didn't find enjoyable.  People like convenience.  While there are some that aren't internet savvy, the majority of my Clients (who are mature in age) prefer being able to see my calendar and book appointments at their convenience.  Again, this doesn't have to be pricey.  There are a lot of services out there you can find by doing a simple google search but Acuity Scheduling has been my favorite.  They're reasonable in price and have a lot of features I really like.  

Is there anything else you think is a must have for eyelash artists around the world?  Please share in the comments.  I'd love to hear from you!

* before anyone gets on my case for not mentioning lash certification or a cosmo/esthi license, all states and countries have different requirements.  So while here in the US it's ideal to have formal training and a state license, requirements are not the same everywhere in the world.  Before offering lash extensions, check with your governing board for requirements. :)