Luxe Volume Adhesive

Luxe Volume Adhesive

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Luxe Volume Adhesive is designed for volume eyelash application however it can also be used for classic lash application.  Luxe has a thin, water-like consistency that’s self-leveling so when placed on the natural eyelash, there is a seamless bond with no visible clumps and it creates an illusion of the extension melting into the natural lash. 

Luxe dries quickly within 1-2 seconds and there is no need to swipe or shimmy the extension into place.  Since Luxe dries quickly and a small amount is required for optimal results, after placing the extension, you can work on neighboring lashes without it sticking to the extension you just applied. 

Luxe Volume Adhesive has little to no fumes however I suggest using it in a well-ventilated work space. 

When used with Dela Antoinette’s Professional Cleanser, Luxe has a strong bond of up to 7 weeks retention or until the natural lash sheds on its own.  Many lash artists have reported retention of 1-2 additional weeks once switching to Luxe.   

Luxe is currently available in a 3ml bottle or 5ml bottle to accommodate lash artists starting out with less clients and advanced lash artists with a full clientele. 


For Best Results

Combine Luxe Volume Adhesive with these products for best results

How to Use It: 

  1. Natural lashes should always be thoroughly cleansed and rinsed prior to lash extension application.

  2. Prior to opening Luxe Volume Adhesive, shake the bottle for 30 seconds to ensure the contents are fully mixed.

  3. Remove the cap and hold the bottle upside down.  Squeeze a small drop of adhesive onto a jade/crystal stone or adhesive ring and turn the bottle upright. 

  4. Lightly squeeze the bottle to clear the nozzle and replace the cap. 

  5. Dip the extension 1-2mm into the drop of Luxe Volume Adhesive and to apply, simply press the extension to the base of the natural lash for a strong bond.

  6. As you’re working, replace the drop of adhesive every 15-30 minutes so it remains fresh. (depending on temperature and humidity)

PROTIP: Adhesive should always have a thin, water-like consistency.  If it seems slightly thicker, that’s an indication it’s time to replace your drop.  

More Details: 

  • Luxe Volume Adhesive performs best in workspaces between temperatures of 68-73 degrees Fahrenheit.  If temperature within your workspace is lower, it will increase the dry time.  If temperature within your workspace is higher, it will reduce the dry time. 

  • Optimal humidity for Luxe Volume Adhesive is between 40-70%.  If your humidity is lower than 40%, it takes longer to dry.  If your workspace humidity is higher than 70% it will dry faster.  Luxe has been tested as low as 19% humidity and had 3-4 second dry time and 6-week retention.  When used with Mint Speed Up Solution at 19% humidity, dry time was 1 second with retention of 7 weeks.  

  • Store Luxe Volume Adhesive in a cool, dry area inside of an air-tight container with a packet of silica.  Do not refrigerate as moisture can get inside of the bottle and make the contents harden.   

  • Luxe has a shelf life of up to 6 months unopened. 

  • Once opened, it’s recommended to replace the bottle every 4-6 weeks to ensure the adhesive is fresh and performs its best. 

For professional use only 

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