Is your city dragging the lash industry down?


Does it seem like you work in a city that’s saturated with lash artists that don’t do quality lash work? Or are you constantly “fixing” the work of someone else? Do you find yourself constantly trying to educate potential clients on how lash extensions “should” be applied for the sake of their lash health?

If you are, don’t worry, there are many of us in the lash industry that are just like you. And rather than getting frustrated, I want to share something with you that may help you avoid frustration and see the positive in a not so great situation.

When I first started out as a lash artist over 12 years ago, lash extensions were a new thing. There weren’t a lot of lash artists to compete with. But these days, lash extensions have exploded on the market and when this happened, a lot of people saw it as an opportunity to make quick buck. I refer to it as the “money grab.”

These people don’t invest in their career and continued education. They would rather spend countless hours learning from YouTube and piece it together just enough to get by. Since these people haven’t invested the time and money to learn how to apply extensions properly without damaging clients lashes, you start running into people who say they’ve had lash extensions before but it broke off their lashes. Or you hear stories about how lash extensions make your lashes fall off.

So what can you do if you are an artist that has invested the time and money into your education and you offer high quality application but you don’t seem to attract a lot of clients?

Well, it’s time for humble bragging to commence.

You may not see it, but there’s a HUGE opportunity for you when you’re surrounded by lash artists that don’t offer quality application. This is your time to shout your message any and everywhere potential clients that will listen. You want to talk about what you offer with emphasis on your credentials, your investment in continued education and the quality of your lash work, You can do all of this without putting anyone down or naming names. All you’re doing is highlighting what makes you, well… you!

When you do this, you get known for being different and for offering quality. Sure, there will be some people that don’t care and that’s fine. You don’t want those people anyway. When you talk about what you do and what makes you different, that’s when you attract your Tribe.

I hope this serves you and if you found it helpful, let me know in the comments below.