This is Why I Give My Clients the Royal Treatment

Many lash artists are focused on getting new clients in the door.  If you're a lash artist starting out, this makes perfect sense.  But if you've been an artist more than a few months, the following statements may take you by surprise.

What if I told you that I haven't paid for advertising in over 6 months yet I continue to attract new clients and have a stable and predictable monthly income?  I'm going to tell you how in today's article.

I learned years ago that it can be exhausting trying to get new clients in the door on a regular basis. I never have been a fan of paying a ton of money just to get noticed and then having to plead your case just to get people to trust you and take a chance on you.  Also as an introvert, it's not the most comfortable position having to get to know someone new along with their likes and dislikes.  

I decided that instead of focusing on getting new clients in the door, I'd experiment with doing everything I could to keep those clients coming back over and over again.  And you'd be surprised what keeps people coming back.


I know this sounds really basic but anytime I've taken a client that's had their lashes done elsewhere, it's because the other artist made them feel disrespected.  Things like showing up on time,  being consistent with the quality of your work, being dependable and accountable are all ways of showing that you respect your client.  Gone are the days of consistently showing up late.  While very basic, clients like to feel like they're respected and you value them.  They can go anywhere but they chose you.  Remind them every time you see them why and you can count on them being loyal and coming back.


Quality clients want to know that they're artist has dedicated the time and money into perfecting their craft. They don't pay top dollar to artists who piece together their own trainings on YouTube.  Sure, they may like you as a person and that may make them stick around temporarily but just know that they're settling until a better option comes along.  So make sure you're on top of your game and at your best at all times.

What are the benefit of retaining your clients?

  • Retaining existing clients costs 5x less than attracting new ones
  • You have a better chance of upselling existing clients rather than new clients
  • You'll have a steady stream of clients which means your income is more predictable
  • More control over your schedule because you're rebooking clients in advance
  • You position your business for growth 
  • Your clients get better service and long term results
  • Loyal and consistent clients are more likely to tell others about you thus increasing word of mouth
  • You control the touch up schedule which means your clients lashes always look great

Rebooking is very simple.  All you have to do is...

ASK!  At the end of your clients appointment, give them a day 3-6 weeks out to get them booked and let them tell you the time they prefer.  

Or if you forget or are pressed for time, have them book their appointment online.  This is why I love Acuity because clients have access to my calendar 24 hours a day and can book their own appointments.  You can also send a follow up email automatically to remind your clients to rebook if you need to.

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