Creating The WOW Factor

Lash extensions are booming and can be a lucrative business.  It used to be a big secret among celebrities but now the everyday woman (or man) is getting them which means a bunch of new lash bars and artists are likely popping up in your area.

This may feel scary and unsettling for some of you.  You may wonder what this means for your business and if you have what it takes to succeed as all of these lash bars and artists saturate your area. 

The short answer to this concern is this.

There are a lot of clients out there, a lot of different styles and personalities and regardless of how competitive the market appears to be there are clients for everyone.

Instead of focusing on what others are doing or even trying to compete, your job is to attract your ideal client and knock their socks off with your service.

Gone are the days where you can just say you do lashes and that's enough to build a high following.  Now you have to do all that you can to perfect your craft, be your own personal best AND do something that separates yourself from every other lash artist out there.

Think about it this way, a client can go anywhere to lay down, get their lashes done and wake up looking made up. 

What are you doing to give the client the extra that they can't get everywhere else?

I've come up with a short list of ideas that if done right, can set you apart from the rest:

1. Neck, shoulder, or face massage - lashing should be a relaxing experience.  Help make it more relaxing by throwing in a soothing massage.

2. Aromatherapy - Learn how to use essential oils to create a relaxing environment for your clients.  Or light a fragrant candle so your space smells fresh and inviting whenever they come in.

3. Spa music - Play soothing music or sounds to help ease the client into a relaxed state.  Sounds of birds chirping, waterfalls or waves crashing on the shore are all a great escape for clients with busy and hectic lives.  This is especially great for clients who love to talk.  Put headphones on their ears and turn on the sounds.

4. Heat or vibrating pads - In the cooler months, laying on a warm pad, a soft and cushy massage chair or pad feels exquisite. 

These are just a few ideas to help set you apart from the other artists and attract clients.  I encourage you to always be thinking about how to stand out and provide that wow factor to your clients. 

I'd love to hear from you!  Feel free to share what sets you apart from the rest and have a fantastic week!