Why You Should Ditch the Coffee Before Work

We all know that clients drinking coffee before their lash appointment is a nightmare for lash artists all over the world.  Starbucks doesn't appear to be slowing down on opening their locations either. Even though we preach to clients and have no coffee listed in our instructions to prepare or an appointment, clients will still drink it because they feel they need it and they don't think it will affect their appointment at all.  

But what if I told you that YOU shouldn't drink coffee before working on a client as well?  

Oh well that changes things, doesn't it?  lol

As a regular coffee drinker, the idea of giving up my coffee before work is like asking me to lay in a field and let a tractor run me over.  It's painful, hard to wrap my head around and just downright cruel.  But it's in the best interest of your clients that you skip the morning coffee because the same ways it affects them applies to you as well.

When clients drink coffee and try to lay still for 1-2 hours, for most it's nearly impossible because of the effects caffeine has on your body.  Caffeine acts as a central nervous system stimulant.  Once it makes it to your brain, the most noticeable effect is alertness and uncontrollable jitters.  If you don't know what that means, here's a quick breakdown:

Alertness = client can't relax throughout the procedure

Jitters = client can't sit lay still or keep their eyes still

Both of these things equals NIGHTMARE FOR YOU.

But if you drink coffee prior to an appointment, increased alertness can be a good thing while jitters are a no go.  Even though we don't have to lay still and keep our eyes shut, we do have to have very stable hands in order to isolate and apply lashes properly.  Shaky, jittery hands are a no go to achieve this.  

Not to mention, coffee is a diuretic.  The last thing you or your client needs is a self inflicted, serious potty break while lashing.  

A few more side effects of caffeine if too much is taken:





Bladder Instability  Frequent Urination

With all of this in mind, drink at your own risk! 

Do you still plan to drink coffee before taking clients?  Drop a note in the comments below.