Professional Eyelash Cleanser

Professional Eyelash Cleanser


Professional Eyelash Cleanser dissolves and removes stubborn dirt, oil and makeup from the natural eyelashes. 

When used in conjunction with Dela Antoinette’s line of adhesives, the extensions form a strong bond to the natural eyelashes and allows the adhesive to perform as it’s designed. 

Professional Eyelash Cleanser improves retention and bonding power of Dela Antoinette’s line of adhesives by up to 2x.   

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Technical Specifications: 

  • Improves performance of all adhesives offered by Dela Antoinette’s 

  • Removes stubborn dirt, oil and makeup from the natural eyelashes 

  • Improve retention & bonding power up to 2x 

How to Use It: 

  1. Squeeze 2-4 drops onto 2 flocked applicators or large micro swabs. 

  2. With the client’s eyes closed, sandwich the lashes between the applicators and swipe from the base of the lashes through the tips. 

  3. Work through the entire lash line in this way until the lashes are free and clear of any visible dirt or oil. 

  4. Rinse the lashes by saturating with saline and allow them to dry. 

  5. Once the lashes are clean and dry, you can begin lash application as usual 

More Details: 

  • Professional Eyelash Cleanser should be stored in a cool, dark and dry area such as a closed drawer.  Do not refrigerate. 

  • Professional Eyelash Cleanser has a shelf life of up to 6 months opened and unopened. 


For professional use only 

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